A Kept Secret – Who Is at Fault For kevita Kombucha Lawsuits?

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A company called Kombucha is known to make a keg therapy known as kevita kombucha. This drink is made from combining the Kombucha culture and fruit of a leaf known as the “green tea.” The juice is then fermented and made available to people who want to get a “high” from consuming it.

The company states that the keg therapy will cleanse the body of impurities and also has health benefits for the consumer. While there are no lawsuits filed, consumers have claimed to have had some sort of effect from drinking the product, even if it was not through the lawsuit.

kevita Kombucha Lawsuits

People have different reactions when they consume certain things. Some people may experience a short period of feeling extremely “high,” but it quickly wears off. Others may be more sensitive to the effects of the product and report stomach cramps, nausea, and a myriad of other ailments while taking it.

Kombucha is similar, but the flavor and other ingredients used are distinct. There is no denying that the amount of Kombucha is small, which is why most products are consumed in combination with larger amounts of fruit juice. This makes it harder to prove liability in terms of Lawsuits.

If Kombucha cannot be proven responsible for causing these Lawsuits, how can it be held responsible for damages?

It may be difficult to prove that the Kombucha is responsible for the lawsuit because the products are not targeted at anyone specifically. The claim is that the product somehow caused the injuries. However, Kombucha has not been found to be at fault in any way.

For this reason, no amount of money can be recovered from someone who has suffered injury due to Kombucha products. In addition, since the Kombucha culture is safe to drink and is not addicting, there is no proof that it caused the injury.

Because of these factors, a legitimate Kombucha Lawsuit cannot be filed against Kombucha.

The company is merely the party being sued, not the manufacturer of the drink. If you are reading this article, you are obviously interested in bringing a lawsuit against Kombucha, or at least attempting to do so. Unfortunately, due to a lack of evidence, Kombucha is not required by law to use any type of warning on their products about the possibility of a lawsuit.

So, how do you know if Kombucha is at fault for your injuries?

First, you must determine if Kombucha products played a part in your accident. If so, Kombucha is legally responsible to you. If there is no evidence that your accident was caused by Kombucha products, or that there is no association between the products and your accident, Kombucha is not liable. If there is proof that the product contributed to your injury was the direct result of the product, Kombucha is responsible.

You should not attempt to file a Kombucha claim against Kombucha alone, because it will be difficult to prove liability.

An attorney is essential to filing such claims successfully. Attorneys handle these claims all the time and are familiar with the laws surrounding the production of Kombucha products. In the event that an attorney does not sign on with you, or is unsuccessful in filing a claim against Kombucha, you may wish to turn your attention to a medical malpractice attorney who handles these types of cases.

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