Ally Bank Lawsuit

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There is a Lawsuit against Allied Bank in which one individual losses his life. This is the second case wherein a customer’s lawsuit has been resolved by a courtroom without him having to face a jury.

This is indeed a positive thing for those who have lost confidence in banks. However, this does not erase the fact that the financial institutions have a legal duty to perform according to their legal obligations.

Ally Bank Lawsuit

The case was filed by David Dunning, who is an unemployed resident of California. He was a victim of fraudulent mortgage and loan practices at Allied Bank. The original lawsuit was brought by his predecessor, James J. Polk. In this case, the claim amount was over five million dollars while the present claim stands at just over two million.

The bank has hired an attorney to represent itself in this case.

The lawsuit has no probability of being won by David Dunning. It has already reached a phase where the parties involved will present their case before the judge and jury. One of the major issues so far in this case is whether the loss suffered can be proved or not.

Therefore, the plaintiff needs to prove that there were some lapses in the process or else it may be considered as irrelevant. The bank on the other hand will need to prove that they followed all the procedures laid down under the law.

This is the reason why it is advisable to hire an attorney who is well experienced in handling lawsuits of this nature.

Failing to hire an attorney will most likely lead to wasted time and money as well as putting you in a situation where you lose your case. This is precisely why it is crucial to hire an attorney as soon as the case has been filed. The Lawsuit has until the date fixed for it to be finalized and a winnable case for you if you hire an attorney from the start.

So, if you are a victim of such an act then you must seek legal counsel.

The attorney will provide you with effective direction on how to proceed with your case. It is not a simple task of filing a lawsuit and waiting for the result. There are certain factors that must be considered and if these are overlooked then it is highly unlikely that your claim will be granted with sufficient merit. The results are generally seen within six months or when the court hearings have reached a conclusion.

In cases of banks in the process of collecting damages is quite simple.

However, one needs to know how the process will work before filing the lawsuit. Therefore, before approaching your bank you should get the full details of the process. This will make things much easier for you in the long run.

If one wants to see results from the lawsuit they need to ensure that the lawyer hired is able to work the case in the favor of their client. If you are not sure about anything relating to the case, then it is advisable to leave it and take the help of a good legal professional.

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  1. i have one of those acccounts already went to court about my jeep wrangler. now they sent me another letter. if they take it im going to report it stolen. the batched the loan and sent me a extra payment when i tryed to pay it off it added to the bill. my bank account h1573 had 700,000. it disappered and wells fargo also there being sued for the wells fargo shuffle. i so dont want them to take my car. im goign to report it stolen. can you add me to the ally bank class action lawsuit theve already been sued for over 6.4 million. can you stop this and the have blocked my laon from my union bank i cant even get anymoney out of my account my email is pruettsaralee@ and my phone number is 970 620 2996

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