Class Action Lawsuit Against Beneful

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The Purina pet food company has recently been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that they are responsible for thousands of deaths across the world by dogs that have eaten its pet food. The brand name is named after the pet food manufacturing facility where it is made, but this is far from the truth. Beneful has had bad reviews on the internet for years all one needs to do to find that many people do indeed want this brand taken off of Purina’s shelves is Goggles to see how many people do actually want this brand pulled from the shelves. The manufacturer and distributor, Ideal Health, have done nothing but lie to consumers for profit they knew or should have known that this was unhealthy food to feed to their pets, yet they continue to do so.

The class action lawsuit against benefit was filed in state court in Florida, but the plaintiffs’ attorney is seeking a federal judge to get the case moved forward quickly.

The reason for this is because, as the name implies, the dog food manufacturers know that the dog food is bad for their dogs, yet they keep selling it to pet owners. The lawsuit claims that many of these dogs’ deaths could be prevented if benefit would have stopped selling it.

This class action lawsuit against benefit is not only being filed by animal lovers who have lost dogs to harmful treats, but it is also by pet owners who have noticed that their beloved dogs begin to have internal bleeding or develop kidney failure.

This internal bleeding is caused by the dogs eating too much of the harmful dog food that the company produces. When internal bleeding occurs, the dog is not able to function properly and this affects the dog’s heart, liver and kidneys. This, in turn, leads to extreme pain and suffering that can lead to death.

A class action lawsuit like the one being filed against Beneful is also being brought by those people who believe that the manufacturers of this dry dog food knew about the dangers of feeding their animals too much sugar.

They did nothing to warn these pet owners, even as some years ago they were actually offering a sugar-free treat for dogs. Then, without warning, the company began making changes to their product lines to phase out the sugar from the products. Many people believe that this was done in an attempt to keep the company’s share of the pet food market. Whether or not this is the reason for the change, however, is not known.

Another class action lawsuit against Beneful has been filed by pet owners who have noticed that their beloved pets, even as puppies, have begun to have kidney failure.

Some of these dogs have died and at the time of writing this article, none of them have lived more than a few days. When a dog has kidney failure, it can be fatal within several hours. It is not a joking matter. So far, none of the veterinarians who have treated the dogs with Beneful have detected any type of problem and therefore the dogs must be put on dialysis until the veterinarian can find a way to remove the dialysis from the dogs’ kidneys.

For these reasons alone, it seems that the manufacturer of Beneful knew about the problems of overfeeding and yet did not bother to warn the pet owners about it.

In all likelihood, many other companies have had similar experiences with their pets. Therefore, the best course of action is to contact your state consumer affairs office and ask for information about the laws regarding suing companies like Beneful and Petmate and request that you file a class action lawsuit against them. Your state attorney general should be able to provide you with the names of these attorneys.

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