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In a recent article, we discussed the Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven Class Action Lawsuit, and we also briefly discussed the GE Magic Chef and Sharp Spacemaker microwavable ovens. If you own one of these microwaves, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. However, you need to take action now. You can do so by contacting a class action attorney. These attorneys will help you pursue compensation and hold manufacturers liable for any injuries or losses that result from their products.

Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven Class Action Lawsuit

A federal court recently authorized notice of a class action lawsuit against Sharp over its microwave drawer ovens. According to the lawsuit, certain models of Class Microwaves contained a flaw that could cause an electrical arc that causes the microwave to malfunction. The lawsuit was filed in Florida federal court by Michael Hamm, who alleges that his product is dangerous. While this lawsuit is unproven, it does provide some guidance on how to proceed.

If you own a Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven, you may be eligible for a $250 cash or $500 voucher as compensation for your suffering. The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer failed to properly warn consumers of this fire-risk defect. Several consumers have reported arcing and smoking while using their Microwave Drawer Ovens. Sharp denied any wrongdoing but agreed to settle the case.

GE Magic Chef

Many consumers are finding that their GE microwave ovens tend to catch on fire while they are not in use, which may be their fault. If so, they can file a lawsuit against GE to recover damages. If you’ve experienced this problem, you should contact a legal representative today to learn how you can proceed. GE has been accused of causing these incidents, but they are not responsible.

The GE Microwave Over-the-Range Microwave was also recalled due to fires in the drawer. Among the problems were paint peeling off inside the microwave, buttons that didn’t work, and a burning smell. Even though it was expensive, this microwave was no exception. Unfortunately, GE isn’t the only manufacturer facing lawsuits for this product. The company has since stopped selling GE microwaves, but the lawsuits against the company continue.

GE Spacemaker

A class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Michigan claims that GE microwave ovens are prone to catching on fire without warning. The problem is linked to a malfunction in the magnetron and control panel of these microwave ovens. GE acknowledges receiving reports of such incidents but says that the problem is rare and has nothing to do with a broader systemic failure. The company has not conducted a federal investigation into the matter.

In February 2001, Timothy Hennigan purchased a GE-branded microwave oven. Several months later, his microwave started to run on its own. He suffered smoke-related damages and could not use it. Attorneys for the putative class have discovered dozens of similar incidents across the country, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to property and wrongful death of pets. While GE hasn’t admitted fault in these cases, the company has settled the lawsuit.

Sharp Magic Chef

If you own a Sharp Magic Chef microwave oven, you may be entitled to a settlement or cash payment as part of a lawsuit filed against the company. If you purchased an oven that was recalled for unsafe and defective parts, you may qualify for a settlement. The settlement amounts to a little over $2 million. The class members who do not submit their Claim Forms by the deadline will not receive any benefits from the Settlement. If you purchase one of these products, you may be eligible for a replacement, a cash payment, or a voucher for another product. If you are interested in receiving a reimbursement, you must submit your Claim Form before November 17, 2020.

Sharp Spacemaker

The federal court has approved a $114 million settlement in a Sharp Microwave Drawer Fires Lawsuit. The settlement covers thousands of consumers who have purchased or used certain models made by Sharp. The affected models include the SMD2470AH, SMD3070AS, SMD2480CS, KB6524PS, and KB6525PS. Although Sharp denies the allegations, the settlement will provide compensation to those who have been impacted by these problems.

The class action suit claims that the company ignored the risk of fire when marketing its microwave drawers without warning consumers of this hazard. The microwave drawers have a high risk of overheating, which can result in smoking, buzzing, scorched waveguides, and even total failure of the drawer. Fortunately, Sharp has begun replacing faulty microwave drawers, and the lawsuit claims that consumers have received over 900 replacements.

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