Class Action Lawsuit: Starbucks Drink Disorders

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Class Action Lawsuit against Starbucks is brewing. A class action lawsuit has been filed in California Supreme Court accusing the coffee giant of intentionally selling inferior products to its customers. Starbucks’ chief marketing officer, Howard Schultz, has been accused of knowing about the color change as early as 2021. Starbucks has denied the claims. So what exactly is a class action lawsuit?

Class Action Lawsuit Starbucks

A class action lawsuit is a legal suit wherein people who bought Starbucks coffee, tea or other beverages are grouped together and provided with a certain monetary award. It works much like a class action lawsuit in that each plaintiff submits a lawsuit in which they detail the claim they have against the defendant. Class action lawsuits arise in many different situations.

For example, if you are involved in an auto accident you can claim damages from the person who hit you; or if you are injured at work you can claim monetary compensation for your injuries. Starbucks allegedly knew about the coloring of its beverages years before the suit was filed. So if you are one of those people who feel you have a case then I would advise you to contact a lawyer to get your claim in as soon as possible.

The first class action lawsuit states that Starbucks did not disclose that the so called “baked chicken” was actually made from a meal known as cochineal.

Cochineal, which is a red coloring agent used in Chinese cooking, has been used for centuries to add a wonderful flavor to foods. It is made from crushed cochineal leaves, and when heated slowly is able to give food a unique, bold flavor that some find quite delicious. Although cochineal is commonly used to add a great flavor to chicken dishes, it is also found in products like Soya sauce and tofu to name just a few.

The second lawsuit claims that Starbucks did not disclose that they sold a product called Latte while at the same time offering that item for a low price.

This product was only available for a low price because it was being discontinued. Latte was only offered for a limited time due to demand. There was so much demand for this product, that it was hard to keep it in stock. This is yet another example of a big corporation doing something they did not want to be caught doing, as well as a classic example of corporate greed at work in a consumer’s best interest.

The third lawsuit states that Starbucks was unknowingly selling a large amount of diet drinks, disguised as iced beverages.

Diet drinks were never sold in iced form at Starbucks under any circumstances. If they had been they would have marked the container to indicate that they were diet drinks. This is yet one more example of corporations working to capitalize on a consumer’s need to lose weight or for health conscious individuals who wish to reduce their consumption of high-calorie beverages.

These lawsuits are not just about Starbuck’s corporation however. They are about the rights of every individual who desires freedom from unnecessary beverages that are simply not necessary in our daily life.

It is also worth mentioning that over forty million people in the United States are addicted to caffeine, which is another reason why this class action lawsuit was brought against Starbucks.

We are not saying that caffeine was the catalyst for the accident, but we are saying that caffeine is a substance that can certainly be addictive. This is something that many of us have to remember whenever we are drinking a hot beverage such as a latte. Especially, when it is along with sugar-loaded pastries and deserts.

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