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You may be wondering how to locate lawyers in Corpus Christi. You can find a lawyer by using a legal directory. This article discusses how to find a legal directory, how to locate an attorney, and what their fees are. If you’re not sure which directory to use, check out the LawInfo lawyers directory. It is a great place to find good, qualified attorneys. And with our free, no-obligation legal advice, you can find the best lawyer to represent you in your case.

Lawyers in Corpus Christi

If you have been arrested for a crime in Corpus Christi, Texas, it is critical to get the help of a reputable criminal defense attorney. Criminal prosecutions can have serious consequences and a skilled Corpus Christi criminal defense attorney will be able to protect your rights and avoid a conviction that could change your life forever. John T. Floyd has been practicing law in Corpus Christi for more than 20 years. Floyd believes that every person is entitled to a strong defense, no matter what the charges may be. Many people make the mistake of thinking that misdemeanors are not serious enough, but they are.

Located on the southwestern coast of Texas, Corpus Christi is the county seat of Nueces County, and the U.S. Federal District Courts in Corpus Christi Division have jurisdiction over federal criminal cases throughout several Texas counties. The city’s official website boasts of its “green” reputation and is home to the Port of Corpus Christi, the sixth-largest port in the United States. Padre Island National Seashore is also a popular tourist destination.

Firms in the directory

Looking for a lawyer in Corpus Christi? If so, the online Lawyers Directory is the place to look. It has information on law firms and attorneys across the city, and you can easily contact them through a contact form. The Corpus Christi attorneys directory also provides useful links for finding a specific lawyer’s office. This directory also provides a list of local firms and attorneys by practice area.

Another firm that you may want to check out is Wood, Boykin, & Wolter P.C., a law firm that serves clients throughout Nueces County. This firm specializes in personal injury law and focuses on obtaining compensation for victims of accidents and other mishaps. Clients can also contact them for mediation and workouts. Listed in the Corpus Christi attorneys directory are several different types of firms in the area, each of which has its own unique set of specialties.

Contact information for attorneys

To find a lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas, you can use the FindLaw Lawyer Directory. This directory has more than one million listings, including details on law firms and attorneys, as well as a biography and education and training details. Many listings include client recommendations and contact forms. Fill out the form below to connect with an attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas. You can also use a legal referral service to find an attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas.

An attorney with a proven record in criminal law may be an excellent option. An experienced criminal attorney can help you avoid a life-altering conviction. Attorneys in Corpus Christi can help you navigate the court system and work to reduce or dismiss your case. To find a lawyer with an exceptional track record, you can use a lawyer’s biography on their website. If your case is particularly complicated, you can use a legal referral service to find an attorney in Corpus Christi who specializes in the area of your charge.

Fee structure

The following is a listing of lawyers in the Corpus Christi area, with detailed fee structures and contact information. Many of these attorneys are members of the Texas Bar Association. Other attorneys are listed on local lawyer directories as well, and they will have similar fee structures to those in larger cities. The list below consists of attorneys who are actively seeking clients in Corpus Christi. Some attorneys are members of the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists.

When searching for a Corpus Christi attorney, check for complaints against them. You want to hire a lawyer who is ethical and has good judgment. If the attorney is shady, you may be risking your money and morality. You also don’t want a lawyer who will question your moral values or lie on your behalf. Lastly, ask about the fee structure for each lawyer you interview. Comparing fees between different lawyers will help you determine the average fee for a lawyer in the area.

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