Facebook Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

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A recent article explains how Condelles, a California woman, is trying to make her suit against Facebook a class action lawsuit. The claim stems from a California Unfair Competition Law violation and Illinois law. The article also notes that Condelles is seeking at least $5 million in damages in her suit. The court rejected the Facebook class action lawsuit’s claims, however. Regardless of its legal merits, the ruling will have significant implications for the future of Facebook.

Condelles seeking at least $5m

A Facebook user is seeking at least $5 million in a lawsuit alleging that the social media company violated his privacy by collecting data on his text messages and phone calls. This is the latest Facebook case, as the social network has been sued by others over mishandling 71 million users’ data. As of this writing, Facebook has not responded to a request for comment. But many people are concerned that Facebook’s recent privacy violations will hurt their ability to communicate with loved ones and continue their lives.

Chen’s lawsuit claims that Facebook violated Illinois law

A group of plaintiffs in an Illinois class-action lawsuit have won a settlement that could cost the company billions. The suit claims that Facebook violated Illinois law by collecting biometric information about users, such as their face prints, without their knowledge or consent. The company has denied the allegations, and a judge will rule on the settlement in January. Chen’s lawsuit is one of several involving the same issue.

Chen’s lawsuit claims that Facebook violated California’s Unfair Competition Law

If successful, Chen’s lawsuit could lead to the breakup of Facebook Inc’s social media empire. However, the FTC’s role in monopoly building and the recent dearth of similar suits may prevent Chen’s case from succeeding. Facebook is facing lawsuits from the United States Federal Trade Commission and 48 states over alleged illegal practices aimed at maintaining its monopoly over social networking.

Chen’s lawsuit claims that Facebook violated Illinois law by using facial recognition technology without consent

A recent ruling in a California court dismisses a class-action lawsuit alleging that Facebook violated Illinois law by using facial-recognition technology without consent. But Chen’s case continues to reverberate throughout the nation. This case highlights the issues that Facebook must address before it can implement biometrics, including the validity of consent procedures and the extraterritorial reach of BIPA.

Facebook agrees to pay $90 million

In a long-running privacy lawsuit, Facebook agreed to pay $90 million to settle the case. The settlement was a landmark decision that paved the way for future data privacy rules. The proposed settlement requires the social network to set up a non-revisionary settlement fund and delete all user data in its databases. This is a significant step for the company and a positive sign for users.

Chen can opt-out of the lawsuit

If you wish to opt-out of the Facebook class action lawsuit, you must send a written request before November 23, 2020. Although you will not receive any settlement benefits, you will retain your right to sue Facebook. However, you can ask the court to give you a chance to speak with an attorney about the settlement if you wish. You must do so within the deadline. The process to opt-out of the Facebook class action lawsuit is complicated.

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