First National Collection Bureau Lawsuit

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Collection Agency Lawsuit

The First National Collection Bureau is one of the most feared and powerful federal agencies in the history of the country. Since the First World War, the NCB has held the power to literally go into people’s homes and confiscate valuables – including jewelry, furniture, clothing, and other items of value – without notice or basis.

In fact, the NCB operates with very little paperwork, so many cases of “stealing without notice” are class action lawsuits against debtors. The First National Collection Bureau lawsuit is one of the most notorious legal situations in the nation.

First National Collection Bureau Lawsuit

In the mid-1990s, the NCB was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for their practices of calling just about every person in the country asking them for personal information. At first, the FTC tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, but the court ruled in favor of the NCB. In turn, the agency was ordered to pay a $500 million settlement to the Federal Trade Commission, which was later reduced to $450 million.

Today, nearly thirty years later, the First National Collection Bureau is still going strong.

Recently, the agency was again sued for apparently targeting citizens without just cause. This time, the lawsuit targets one of its own employees. The employee had reportedly told an undercover agent that he would collect debts from individuals if they would settle their debts.

The agent then went on to say that he planned on filing for bankruptcy if that wasn’t done – which clearly stated that the agency had no intention of following through on this threat.

On August 8th, the lawsuit was returned to a U.S. District Court.

In this suit, the plaintiffs were represented by the conservative legal group, the American Conservative Union. It’s currently unknown if this case will move forward.

Regardless, it is clear that the First National Collection Bureau is determined to continue to harass debtors in their attempt to collect unsecured credit card debts in an attempt to recover lost funds from the failing financial institutions.

In doing so, they have violated the rights of a defaulter to pursue a lawsuit against the entity. As the defendant in a lawsuit, one has the right to bring the suit and seek monetary damages.

If you are a victim of First National Collection Bureau lawsuit, it is important to contact a legal expert who specializes in the matter.

There are qualified attorneys with the experience needed to obtain the most favorable judgment in these situations. With experience, knowledge, and dedication, such attorneys can easily ensure justice for their clients. When faced with First National Collection Bureau lawsuit, do not put your guard down. Contact a professional today.

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