How to File a Mercedes Front Bumpers Lawsuit

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If you’ve ever experienced damage caused by a rear bumper in a Mercedes, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. The faulty design of Mercedes front bumpers is responsible for some of the vehicle’s problems. These bumpers are too low, which causes them to catch on curb stops when backing out of parking spaces. Unfortunately, Mercedes does not cover the cost of repairs under their warranties. Some consumers have paid upwards of $2,500 to have the damaged bumper repaired.

Design defect

The defect in Mercedes-Benz front bumper covers is a critical safety issue that is causing many car owners to experience major repair costs. Mercedes-Benz failed to disclose this defect to consumers and lessees, and customers have been impacted by the problem. Because of this, owners are now filing lawsuits against Mercedes-Benz to force the manufacturer to fix this problem. A recent case filed by a customer reveals that the manufacturer was negligent in identifying this defect and concealed it from buyers and lessees for years.

The problem reportedly began on Mar. 10, 2007, when Mercedes-Benz owners began noticing the problem with their cars. They then started to tow their vehicles, which displaced the brackets, and eventually damaged the front bumper. As a result, they filed a design defect lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz. The company has yet to file a response to the lawsuit but will continue to investigate the issue and resolve it through a monetary settlement.

Goettl’s expert testimony was deemed to be inadmissible, despite the defendants’ depositions. While there is no hard evidence of a design defect, the manufacturer has cited various deposition testimony from the engineer to support their defense. Noel testified that the defect was in the front bumper and that it “bent back” when struck by a guardrail. Note also explained that the defect was caused by the large lever arm that attaches the bumper to the cab.

Impact absorbing structures aren’t extended enough

In an accident, the collision energy is dispersed at the extreme front and rear of a vehicle, and the impact absorbed by the front bumper is bypassed. But Mercedes bumpers don’t extend far enough to provide enough protection. To mitigate this issue, Mercedes should make the front bumper impact absorbing structure extended longer. This may reduce weight and fuel efficiency. But it’s not the only problem.

Cost of replacement parts

The cost of a Mercedes front bumper repair can be a high hurdle for any motorist, and it is better to replace it when it is damaged than to try to repair it yourself. While bumper repair can be difficult and expensive, the cost of a replacement bumper is not much more than replacing a headlight or changing the oil. You can also do it yourself for less money than hiring a mechanic. Below is a breakdown of how much the parts and labor for bumper repair will cost.

The cost of the Mercedes front bumper replacement depends on the extent of the damage. While a minor dent can be removed with a blow dryer, a more extensive ding will require a full bumper replacement. Repairing the damage yourself, however, will increase the cost because the repair technician will have to remove other parts connected to the bumper. You should also consider the time and labor required to repair a damaged bumper, which can cost anywhere from $50 to more than $1,000.

Repairing a damaged Mercedes bumper can cost hundreds of dollars, but this can vary based on the extent of the damage. In some cases, the repair costs are less than the deductible on your insurance, so it may not be necessary to make a claim. Nevertheless, it is important to find a quality repair shop to save money. The cost of bumper repair will depend on the extent of the damage and the location of the damaged bumper.

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