Januvia Lawsuit: Is There a Chance That Pancreatic Cancer Can Be Treated With Jusuru?

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A case out of the state of Florida has brought to light what some are calling “Januvinian lawsuits” or” Pancreatic Cancer lawsuits.” Some say that the plaintiffs in this case, numbering in the thousands, suffer from long term and life-threatening injuries as a result of their work.

Others say they have suffered from chronic pancreatic cancer. No matter how one feels about the situation, one thing is for certain: There are many cases of people who believe they have suffered injuries as the result of their work. The question then, is whether or not these injuries are legitimate?

Januvia Lawsuit

The plaintiffs in the case say they are suffering from injuries such as heart attacks, kidney infections, strokes, and pancreatic cancer. They say these injuries have come about as a result of their exposure to low levels of silicone in the supposedly safe cosmetics being distributed by Jusuru. Some of these products contained a chemical called methylparaben, which is also found in the majority of personal care and cosmetic products, but was not included in the Jusuru products.

This is especially strange, because although methylparaben is known to cause allergic reactions and irritation in most people, it is one of the most common ingredients in personal care products.

The plaintiffs further claim that they have developed diabetes, having been diagnosed after long-term use of Jusuru and other similar products.

This, too, is unusual. Most people with diabetes are not immediately diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and those who are usually treated for their diabetes. One reason for this is that diabetes causes the pancreas to produce more than the normal amount of insulin needed by the body.

This excess insulin causes cells throughout the body to proliferate much faster than they should. This over stimulation in cells leads to abnormal growths and overtime, the cancerous cells grow and move into the surrounding tissues of the pancreas.

What makes the Jusuru lawsuit different from other diabetes lawsuits is that the plaintiffs say they have been suffering severe liver damage as a direct result of their use of Jusuru and similar oral diabetes medications.

These lawsuits are usually brought on behalf of people who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Even if the plaintiff’s own pancreas has grown cancerous, he/she can still bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Jusuru and other similar oral diabetes medications.

In many cases, a plaintiff may already have developed pancreatic cancer but did not know it, and the reason for this is that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer do not generally show until the disease has progressed to a certain point. In the case of Jusuru, as many as 29% of people using Jusuru have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within a two-year period of use.

The plaintiffs in the januvia lawsuits further claim that Jusuru manufacturers knew that some of its Jusuru users were at risk for developing pancreatic cancer, yet continued to sell the product despite knowing that the risk was high.

These lawsuits also claim that the company knew about the cancer risk long before it sold Jusuru, yet chose to sell it anyway. Most of these patients’ families are seeking financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one have been a victim of Jusuru and are seeking monetary compensation, you should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there have been cases in which jnuvia users have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after being treated with Jusuru, despite doctors having warned the patients that the drug could increase their chances of developing the disease.

In one case, a woman who was prescribed Jusuru two weeks before being diagnosed with breast cancer had been dead on the operating table six weeks after being diagnosed. While many doctors feel that there is a chance that she could have died due to her pancreatic cancer, there is also a chance that she would still be alive if she had not been prescribed Jusuru. This case is currently being litigated.

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