Kona Beer Lawsuit

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Is That Kona Beer in Your Hand?

As the name implies, a Kona Beer Lawsuit is brought on by plaintiffs who were injured as a result of buying the knock off brand of Kona beer. If you are one of those unfortunate victims in this situation, know that there is help on the way. This article will outline some of the steps to take with your personal injury case. It is important to hire an attorney who has experience with these types of cases so that they know what to expect. If an attorney has never handled a Kona Beer lawsuit then it is in their best interest to steer clear of this type of case as it is complex and time consuming to win.

First, keep track of any and all products that you typically purchase! For this Kona Beer Lawsuit, products that can be considered for a valid claim include: if you bought any 6-packs, 12-packs, or even four-packs of Kona Beer between February 27, 2021 and June 14, 2021. However, if there was any sale of these items, then they are not valid. If you worked for an employer that had the rights to sell the beverage under the brand name, then you have a leg up. Also, if you were working at a warehouse or other work setting where you were likely to get the beverage, then you are a victim.

Next, check the labels on the cases that you got the beer in. Were the ingredients and brand names recognizable? Were the names spelled correctly? Was the date on the label preceded by either an “A”, “B”, “C”, or an “E”? If so, you probably were not getting brand name Kona Beer.

Finally, check with the beer manufacturer itself. Was the company Kona Beer’s brand? If it is not, then you have a very strong case! There is a big difference between selling a company’s product and selling its own product! You may also want to look into the financial records of the company to see if the accusations have any merit.

You should definitely consult with a good beer lawyer if you have more questions. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable position, do not admit guilt, and do not say anything without speaking with an attorney first. The last thing you want to do is sign papers if you really do not know what they are saying. If you have been drinking beer, you probably did not know that you were violating any laws! This is one of those times when ignorance of the law can cost you dearly.

Hopefully, this brief article has given you some food for thought. As a general rule, you should always seek legal advice from a Certified Legal Attorney when you have questions regarding your beer consumption, even if it is something that you might have considered to be a joke. You do not know what you are getting into! Remember: Kona beer is every bit as bad or dangerous as hard liquor. Drink responsibly and take care of yourself!

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