LifeVantage Lawsuit: What is LifeVantage Litigation Funding?

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If you are someone who is considering filing a wrongful death claim, you need to look into the LifeVantage lawsuit. This company is known as an innovator in the realm of settlements. They have invented a technology that allows a victim of medical malpractice to receive financial compensation for the loss of that person.

The lifevantage lawsuit is brought forth by a former LifeVantage client. LifeVantage also stands behind their product, and the company encourages its current clients to seek monetary justice through this litigation.

LifeVantage Lawsuit

What is at stake when you file a claim against a company that sells life insurance? The life insurance industry is a massive industry, and is not open to lawsuits. LifeVantage’s primary business is to settle life related claims without involvement from attorneys. The company has developed a unique approach that permits it to not be personally responsible for a claim.

The LifeVantage team of experts are willing to provide legal support and representation for the customer, without whom the case may not proceed. It will still involve an attorney or two on your behalf, but LifeVantage takes a strong stance of protecting their client’s rights and providing a fair and just resolution to all disputes.

The LifeVantage team has developed a unique method of recovery that does not require any legal fees.

They have a team of attorneys and financial professionals on hand that are paid on a contingency basis for any court action arising from a LifeVantage lawsuit. You will not be billed for this service. What this means for you is that if you win your case and get your life insurance back, you may not owe any money to the life insurance company. If the case is lost, the life insurance company cannot claim a fee from you or your loved ones for your inability to pay medical bills that arose as a result of medical malpractice.

The LifeVantage team also represents a contingency basis, which means that you will not have to repay any money if you lose your case and no win against your opponent.

In many instances, you can expect a check of about five hundred dollars, with a two-week grace period before repayment. You can pay this money in installments, spread out over time, or all at once and make one payment at the agreed upon date. This financial plan allows you to manage your financial situation while you wait for your case to go through the courts.

Another important financial aspect of LifeVantage is that they do not put you into debt.

In contrast to life insurance companies, who often put you into a high interest debt cycle that causes you to struggle financially for years on end, LifeVantage will not do this. For most clients, they receive a lump sum with their initial investment at the beginning of the agreement.

They then use this money to buy term life insurance at a fixed rate that will not increase and will not become increasingly more expensive. For the client, this plan saves them money because they no longer need to worry about ever increasing monthly bills.

One other aspect of LifeVantage lawsuit Funding that is incredibly important is that they offer clients the ability to have life insurance companies settle their claims for them instead of going through the court system.

Many life insurance companies are suffering financially because of a lack of people filing claims. If a client wants to be compensated for their pain and suffering, but doesn’t want to go through the court system, LifeVantage can help.

Because the financial plan is set up to funnel most of the settlements straight back into the company, they are often able to settle cases much faster than going through the court system. With a solid financial plan backed by a superior legal team, you may be able to successfully obtain a fair settlement from your insurance company, or from a life settlement claim.

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