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Protecting Your Rights As You Are Sued

The important deadlines involved in your Midland lawsuit are determined by the type of case you’re working on. There’s a detailed timeline that you need to follow in order to properly deal with your case. When you’re working on a personal injury case or a commercial lawsuit, the timeline will be different from that of a mesothelioma case or a slip and fall case. Also, in these instances, there may be additional deadlines. The details will vary, as well, so be sure to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible if you haven’t received notification of your lawsuit yet.

The deadline begins the minute you’re served. If you’re sued in a Small Claims court case, you typically have seven days to respond, including a day for the opposing party to publish their answer. If you’re sued in Alabama district court, you usually have three days to settle the matter, plus three days for the opposing party to file its answer. And if the Midland Funding lawsuit isn’t in Circuit Court, you’ve got 60 days to answer.

In Midland lawsuit cases, sometimes the original creditor will settle the matter without ever going to court. The original creditor will settle for a payoff, which is typically much less than the actual full amount of money that was owing. Even if they don’t settle, the original creditor doesn’t have to pay you anything unless you win your lawsuit. And if you lose your lawsuit, they won’t get anything.

Another important deadline to be aware of is your notice of default. If your lender doesn’t have enough money to cover your debt as set forth in your loan contract (and this could happen even if you’ve been getting sued), your notice of default must come by the end of the business day following your receipt of default. This is your last chance to negotiate before your debt goes default and the sale of your home gets underway. This is why it’s crucial to be aware of your rights and your timeline as you get sued.

And last but not least, keep track of your correspondence with Midland Funding as you negotiate your settlement. Your attorney is likely paid by contingency, so you’ll likely have to send your attorney a letter explaining your case and outlining any and all settlement offers. Some people choose to only negotiate with the debt buyer themselves. If this works for you, then great; if not, then it’s advisable to get in touch with your Midland Funding attorney so that you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

The bottom line: keeping track of your lawsuit along with your correspondence with Midland funding suing you is vital if you want to prevent your lawsuit from going default and being sold out to the highest bidder. Defaulting on your lawsuit will inevitably sell your home, and it would be horrible if you defaulted on your lawsuit and ended up owing more than the home is worth. Nobody wants to be sued for a lawsuit that they didn’t initiate in their whole lives. Take care of your own litigation by speaking with an attorney who specializes in lawsuits like yours.

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