PepsiCo Class Action Lawsuit

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Pepson Class Action Lawsuit is an award-winning class-action lawsuit challenging the sugar-based soda’s class status. In the past few years, the company has settled several class-action lawsuits regarding its products. The soda was found to contain recycled sugar that does not meet federal guidelines for a safe diet product. A recent federal court ruling dismissed individual class-action lawsuit claims against PepsiCo, saying that consumers must have known that Pepsi products are not real.

Pepsi Class Action Lawsuit

The company could not point out any such information to support their defense. Class action lawsuits are filed by individuals who suffered some harm or injury due to defendant’s negligence; and were not aware of this until they were compensated by the company. According to the class action lawsuit, PepsiCo violated its own principles on advertising and promoting its products by failing to inform consumers that its drinks contain soda, sugar and other ingredients that are harmful or have no nutritional value.

The company failed to warn consumers that the artificial sweetener in its drinks contains phosphoric acid, which can cause dental problems.

In addition, the manufacturers failed to warn consumers that the so-called health drinks contain aspartame, a chemical that is extremely dangerous when combined with young children. The class-action lawsuit further claimed that the company failed to warn consumers that the so-called health drinks are filled with large amounts of sugar, making it difficult for young kids to properly process the sugar. As a result of these facts, a number of children died after consuming the soft drinks, leading to huge public outrage.

As part of the settlement offer put forward by PepsiCo, the company offered to pay a $2.5 million settlement to those who have been injured by the soft drinks.

However, the court rejected the offer, saying that it was intended for public consumption and was not meant for distribution to the general public. Therefore, it was not able to force the company into paying a large amount of money as a class-action lawsuit settlement. As a result of this, more people continue to file cases against the beverage giant, hoping that they will be granted justice and compensation.

PepsiCo did not admit to any wrongdoing during the settlement discussions with the plaintiffs’ lawyers, as the defendant failed to prove that any harm resulted from the beverages.

The company instead admitted to one single violation, which related to its use of the word “calories” in labeling its products. It is believed that PepsiCo violated the federal definition of a product as well as the Fair Labor Standards Act. As a result of this single violation, the plaintiffs may now file another class-action lawsuit against the beverage giant. This time, the claim may be able to reach up to one million dollars per victim due to the huge amount of injuries that were caused by the soda.

Furthermore, there was another district court ruling against PepsiCo.

The court found that there were violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act regarding the manner by which PepsiCo had repackaged its beverages after knowing that they had gone bad. This decision was later overturned when the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit of Appeals declared a previous decision in favor of the plaintiff. In essence, the Appeals Court ruled that the original claims in the case were not eligible because they were filed against the wrong party. In essence, the plaintiffs could not point a finger at the right party in their claims as they had already been harmed through PepsiCo’s actions.

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