Seroquel Class Action Lawsuit

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Seroquel Class Action lawsuit can be filed in three categories: (I) Dependent Class; (ii) Surgical Drug Class; and (iii) Urinary Potentially Hazardous Drugs Class. This class action lawsuit revolves around the negative effects caused by the use of Seroquel (the commonly prescribed anti-psychotic drugs) and its primary ingredient, sertraline.

These drugs are prescribed to treat patients who suffer from psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and delusional disorder; the FDA has approved the use of Seroquel as an anti-psychotic drug, or antipsychotic drugs for this purpose.

Seroquel Class Action Lawsuit

As the name indicates, the main ingredient of Seroquel is sertraline. It is usually available in two different forms – as a pill and as an injection. Although the two formulations of sertraline are available, many physicians prefer to prescribe the former due to its faster-acting nature, and it also helps in reducing the duration of the manic and psychotic symptoms. However, it causes severe birth defects in unborn fetuses.

The birth defects attributed to the use of sertraline are as follows: preterm delivery, low birth weight, cleft lip palate, cardiomyopathy/neoplasmosis of heart valves, congenital heart diseases, kidney failures, abnormal heart rhythms, fluid retention in lungs, and pulmonary complications, among others.

When it comes to Seroquel Class Action lawsuit settlement, it is vital to hire the services of an expert lawyer who deals with these lawsuits.

The lawyer must know how to aggressively build a case by knowing the laws and drafting relevant documents. This will enable the client to obtain justice by getting compensations that are just and appropriate to their situation.

Seroquel Class Action lawsuit results when a person files a personal injury lawsuit after being subjected to the side effects of taking the drug sertraline. Class action lawsuits are generally filed under the law as per the rules and regulations framed by the FDA.

As per FDA, sertraline is categorised as Class A drugs and has to meet strict requirements when it comes to the production, handling, and distribution.

In addition, the drug should not be mixed with any other medicines that are also designed to treat similar symptoms. Any information or data pertaining to the new chemical that is used to treat sertraline is required to be submitted to the FDA before its manufacture.

Once manufactured, sertraline cannot be sold without FDA’s written approval and this can only be obtained once the case has been handed over to a reputable class action lawsuit lawyer.

Seroquel Class Action lawsuit is generally filed against GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of sertraline.

The complaint generally involves negligence leading to the improper administration of the drug and subsequent injury or damage. A Class action lawsuit is one where multiple plaintiffs band together to file their complaint against a common accused. This type of lawsuit is generally very expensive, as there are a lot of documents that need to be submitted in support of the claims that the plaintiffs have made.

It is always better to hire a reputed class action lawyer in such a case rather than trying to pursue the case on your own.

Hiring an experienced attorney in GlaxoSmithKline case can prove to be beneficial in the long run as they will have the experience to fight your case efficiently and without making too many mistakes. The entire process may take up to three years and so the lawyer needs to be extremely careful about the way he approaches the case. He may have to work closely with the FDA officials to get all the required documents together. Only then can the case be fought efficiently and the claimants get justice.

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  1. Please help me. I am on 700mg of Seroquel a night. My heart started beating out of my chest last week- I was going into cardiac arrest. My fiancee gave me two clonazepam to regulate my heart. I have two heart disorders; Wolf Parkinsons White Syndrome and Epstein’s Syndrome. I have been on Seroquel for 5 years. I sleepwalk I have woken up in my closet or in the kitchen. I am scared to death of this drug.

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