Shingles Vaccine Class Action Lawsuit

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In Shingles Vaccine Class Action Lawsuits there are many different types of cases. While some lawsuits deal with Shingles and its symptoms, others are filed on behalf of the children who have developed these symptoms after contracting the chicken pox virus. All of the cases that fall under this classification, or those that follow closely, have one thing in common, and that is the possibility of developing shingles, although some cases have been successful at obtaining compensation for victims of anaphylactic shock.

The shingles vaccine class action lawsuit was created following a press release by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcing that the new shingles vaccine would be available to the public in the early part of 2021. At first, the FDA had no problems with the release of the vaccine, but then it was discovered that the vaccine contained a biological agent that had never before been found in a pharmaceutical product. While the agency has issued statements saying the substance in question is safe, they also admit that the contamination was unintentional. As such, these suits were filed against GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of the drug, for negligence. These lawsuits are currently being litigated in court and hopefully are going to bring justice to those who suffered from this dangerous illness.

There have been other cases which have involved shingles vaccine injuries which were caused by companies other than GlaxoSmithKline. There have been separate lawsuits filed by individuals saying their children contracted chickenpox as a result of the vaccine, and in some instances, these children have lost their ability to function on a daily basis because of the side effects. There have also been cases in which these lawsuits have been successfully won and monetary compensation was given to the plaintiffs, but as you can see, not every case is settled correctly.

The shingles vaccine class action lawsuit, which is most commonly associated with the issue of chickenpox is brought on by the Oster and Genna Holding corporation. These two corporations produced the preservative used in the vaccine. They are also responsible for the packaging, and their chemical name is Zostavax. This chemical is linked to the development of acanthamoeba keratitis, or the bacteria that causes shingles. It is suspected that these chemicals might be connected to an increased risk of encephalopathy, or memory loss, and to an increased incidence of meningitis outbreaks.

Oster and Genna have been accused of concealing data concerning the anaphylactic affects of shingles in their shingles vaccine. This data was supposed to have been included in the clinical trial for the shingles injectable product. Furthermore, the lawsuits further claim that the combination of preservatives and warnings in the mail was inadequate to warn people of the dangers of taking the product. Furthermore, it is alleged that Genna and Oster were aware of the danger inherent in zostavax, yet did not include this information in their shingles made. All of these problems have been addressed in the various lawsuits that have been filed against the companies.

Shingles, a condition caused by a virus, and its complications such as pain, fever, headache, and brain damage can cause serious discomfort and even debilitating disability or death. It is important for everyone who has or is prone to getting shingles to seek medical attention immediately after developing shingles. If you are engaged in treatment or are not showing signs of improvement in your health, you can still file a Shingles Vaccine Class Action Lawsuit. There is a substantial wealth of information available on the Internet, and you should do some research to determine if you have a genuine case, and if so, who you will need to file with. You may even be able to join an attorney brought about by your own case to represent you in a court of law.

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