Shingles vaccine Class Action Lawsuits – A Look At The Potential Shingles Side Effects

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A class action lawsuit occurs when there are several plaintiffs who sue together on a common basis and bring a legal case against the manufacturer, distributor or provider of a particular shingles vaccine. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are typically family members of those who developed shingles. There are various lawsuits in this class. One of the most popular ones is filed by Robert Puckett and his wife, Lila.

This shingles vaccine class action lawsuit happened in Florida when a freezer technician developed a medication for chickenpox. This medicine was then put into production to be distributed to all areas of the United States. When the outbreak of shingles began, all pharmacies in the state were out of stock of the medication. When the couple realized this, they got in touch with Michael J. Taylor, the director of research and development at Generex Corporation, which is the manufacturer of the shingles vaccine.

In the shingles vaccine class action lawsuit, the Puckett’s claim that they contracted the disease from their son by inadvertently transferring the contaminated medication into his blood. Another reason cited was the way the medication was packaged. While the dosage was labeled as one dose, the Puckett’s purchased two doses instead of the recommended dosage. They also say that when they complained about the quality of the medication, they were told to contact Generex directly. They were told that this particular brand of shingles vaccine caused serious side effects.

The Generex corporation, on its behalf, says that all of the lawsuits filed by the Puckett’s are baseless. It also points out that no malaise or other side effects have ever been reported with their product, despite the claims of the plaintiffs. They point out that a large number of adults suffer from a condition known as meningitis, which has nothing to do with shingles. If the claims of these plaintiffs are true, then it is possible that their children may contract meningitis from the contaminated dose of malaise.

This brings us to one of the most important points of the shingles vaccine class action lawsuit, and that is the shingles’ link to autism. Many of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit have claimed that they suffered from serious brain damage after contracting shingles, and that the vaccine caused them this brain damage. However, there are several scientists who disagree with this claim, and claim that these plaintiffs are simply exaggerating their cases. No scientific evidence has ever linked shingles to autism. However, it is important to note that since the condition known as meningitis can mimic those symptoms of meningitis and other ailments, such as meningitis, it is possible that the vaccinated child could still suffer from shingles if the chickenpox turns out to be meningitis.

The shingles vaccine side effects are not exactly news. In fact, they have been discussed at length in recent years, with many parents worried that the vaccine could cause them some serious problems. Nevertheless, there is no need for parents to worry over these possible shingles vaccine side effects. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people who develop meningitis are not afflicted by chickenpox, and there is no evidence linking the two.

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