Attorneys Search For Information on Expert Witnesses

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Before an attorney can hire an expert witness, they must be able to find some information about that expert. Attorneys often search for background information about the expert on the Internet. Generally, they are interested in the credentials of the expert, but they may not be aware of his or her prior contacts with the opposing party. If they know about these connections, they should be able to find out how to disqualify that expert.


Attorneys typically search for information on expert witnesses for two reasons. First, expert witnesses are highly sought-after because of their knowledge and skill, and second, they do not owe any duty of loyalty to their clients. However, they do owe a duty to their employers and their industry. These laws provide a framework for ensuring that an expert’s opinions are not biased. If an attorney is considering hiring a computer forensics expert, they should make sure to carefully check out their credentials.

Forensics experts use different methods for investigating a computer incident scene than investigators do for a criminal environment. Using the ___ command, for example, shows registry data in real-time on Windows computers. The ___ command, on the other hand, allows for the capture of information from large Libpcap files. It also contains customized MS-DOS settings. In criminal cases, an investigator who gathers evidence without a warrant is committing an illegal activity. Lastly, he or she must explain why the information collected in the case is needed.

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