How to Get Off With a Reduced Sentence

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One of the most well-known pornography attorneys in the country is Ace Attorney. He is the legal counsel for John Edwards, a former Republican Governor of Louisiana who has been convicted of soliciting nude or semi-nude pictures from minors. Many of you may remember Mr. Edwards from his controversial press conference where he made a rather shocking statement. The fact that he has been caught is rather appalling, but it is not a huge deal to the victims of his crime. What is a bigger problem is the fact that the case has resulted in the conviction of over fifty people for child pornography and sex trafficking, which can result in long terms of incarceration.

So, what is it that makes this particular lawyer so notorious? Well, his name has become synonymous with victory in many legal situations, as his legal team have won hundreds of cases over the years. He is also one of the few lawyers to work exclusively with the New Orleans Police Department, arresting and convicting both offenders and misdemeanors alike. He has represented all kinds of clients from sex offenders to minor Internet predators. He is trusted by many lawyers and judges, with regards to his ability to win the cases that he is representing.

Ace Attorney started out as a defense lawyer, working on cross-legged cases, but he quickly realized that he wanted to be a full-time lawyer. He went to law school and passed the bar exam easily, passing with flying colours. Later, he decided to take on a job as an investigator for Child Rescue, working with recovered child victims. It was this investigator’s job to gather intelligence about porn rings and other child sexual abuse offences. What he uncovered was shocking, to say the least.

During the course of this case, it was discovered that porn rings were using the homes of innocent children as fronts. This meant that these criminals could keep their Victims unaware of the charges and movements which were against them. His work ultimately led to the conviction of five men who were involved in various forms of pornography. There are many others who are still awaiting trial, some having already completed their sentences.

This legal case was featured on national TV, where the star of the show, legal analyst, Mark Langan, was allowed to discuss the case and its implications on society. He told the audience, “Not only did this guy have to spend thirty years in jail for his crime, but he is now suffering the consequences of his actions. All the time he spent in prison, he will now be suffering from psychological problems because of his incarceration. These guys do not need to be treated this way. If I were a porn addict, I would wish for this guy to go back to jail immediately because his family deserves better than this.”

There are many lawyers like this around, who specialize in all different types of legal issues. However, most of them only deal with sex crimes, including porn. They may not have the expertise or experience required for other types of legal issues, such as software piracy. Some may even hire private investigators to help them build a case, but that’s costly. For these reasons, if you are looking for a competent lawyer to represent you in a case of pornography charges, you should make an appointment with Ace Attorney, LLC today.

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