Is Sean Cassidy a lawyer?

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Sean Cassidy is a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and works out of his own office. He is a graduate of Boston College Law School and is certified by the American Bar Association. He is also a registered nurse.

Sean Cassidy a lawyer

In 2004, Sean was featured on the news show “The Big Bird” where he was defending a man who had been accused of killing his girlfriend with a sword. During this appearance, the legal system was brought into discussion as to whether or not the man should have been certified to practice law.

He was certified two days later. We wanted to find out whether Sean Cassidy was properly trained in the areas of law that he was qualified to practice, and if the man he was defending was guilty of the crime in which he was accused.

According to his official website, Sean had worked as a paralegal for approximately thirteen years before he became a lawyer.

His educational background is listed as having earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts in Law, a master’s degree in Law at the University of North Carolina, and a Ph.D in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Southern Illinois. So, was Sean Cassidy trained in the areas of law where he is a certified attorney?

The American Bar Association website does list Sean’s degree as a degree awarded but it does not list the name of the school from which he received this degree.

We were unable to find this information from any of Sean’s published references. We were also not able to verify that the university from which he graduated actually exists. His published references do not indicate that he ever attended law school at Martindale-Hubbell.

Also, according to his Martindale-Hubbell faculty profile, Sean Cussler is no longer employed by the firm.

He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago Law School. According to the profile, Sean Cussler’s dissertation will be entitled” Constitutional and Processional Law.” This seems to match his description of his work at Martindale-Hubbell, which also matches what we found about Sean Cussler on his faculty profile.

So, we have not been able to confirm that Sean Cussler is an expert in this area.

We know that he is a lawyer but beyond that we are unable to verify his skills or experience. There is also this very obvious problem with his picture on the Martindale-Hubbell faculty page. His face is completely white and has no facial features to help distinguish him from a cardboard cutout.

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