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A Penang lawyer is a walking stick. The name comes from a wooden stick that was used by convicts who had been exiled from India. These convicts were also nicknamed lawyers. They defended the rights of their clients. Today, the Penang lawyer is the walking stick of choice among the lawyers in Penang. Here are some tips to hire a good lawyer in Penang:

Presgrave & Matthews is a Penang lawyer

Founded in 1879, the Penang law firm Presgrave & Matthews specializes in corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions, general corporate joint ventures, real estate, employment law, intellectual property, taxation, immigration, and shipping. The firm is made up of 27 practicing lawyers, including Karin Lim Ai Ching, Suppiah A/L Arumugam, and Peter Moey Boon On.

Chih-Jen, a partner at Presgrave & Matthews, studied law at the University of London External Programme. He completed his undergraduate studies in law in 2000 and went on to complete his postgraduate studies at the Malaysian Qualifying Board. He began practicing law in Penang in 2003 and was named “Future Star” by Benchmark Litigation in June 2018. In addition to criminal and civil disputes, Chih-Jen has experience in contested family matters.

Presgrave & Matthews has produced many distinguished legal personalities

Established in 1879, the firm of Messrs. Presgrave & Matthews was among the first legal firms to be established in Malaysia. Its original partners were Arthur Edward Clark, a barrister-at-law, and Edward William Presgrave, a member of the Legislative Council. The firm acted as legal advisers to many leading law firms in the country, including the Royal Court of England and the Mercantile Bank of India. The firm produced several distinguished legal personalities, and today is divided into two separate departments, the Litigation Department and the Corporate, Commercial, Banking, and Conveyancing Department.

Today, many of the firm’s partners are sub-specialists in specific areas of law. They work collaboratively to tackle complex legal matters. In addition to its lawyers’ specialized knowledge, Presgrave & Matthews also maintains a comprehensive library with reference texts, law reports, and periodicals from Singapore, Malaysia, and common-wealth jurisdictions. The firm also houses numerous books that date back to the eighteenth century.

Presgrave & Matthews is a good lawyer

If you are thinking of hiring a Penang lawyer, Presgrave & Matthews is the right place to start. The law firm is a member of the Bar Council of Malaysia, the professional body that regulates lawyers in Peninsula Malaysia. It is important to note that lawyers must meet the formal, practical, and academic requirements of the Bar Council before they can practice in Penang. This is done through the Legal Profession Act 1976, which is the country’s consolidated legal profession.

Mr. Presgrave was educated at the University of Edinburgh and then joined the Middle Temple in 1875. He later became a Solicitor General and acted in public capacities in Penang. He also served as the President of the Municipal Commission, as well as in the Legislative Council of Straits Settlements. He was also a trustee of the Town Club and the Pinang Club.

Penang lawyer is a walking stick

The name Penang lawyer is derived from the Malay word ‘Penang’, which means ‘lawyer’. It comes from the palm stem called Licuala acutifida, Griffith, and was originally carved by convicts exiled from India. It was a common tool used for settlement in Penang and referred to as a ‘lawyer’ by locals.

The Penang lawyer was first crafted in the early 19th century in Malaysia. It was fashioned from the Licuala palm, which is a fan palm. Its leaves are typically wedge-shaped, or circular. The stick is made from this palm and was owned by the fictional Dr. Mortimer in the novel The Hound of the Baskervilles. Other types of walking sticks include the Makila, a Spanish-style walking stick made from medlar wood with a silver or gold foot and a steel blade. Another Asian walking stick is the Whangee, a bamboo riding crop. In a famous Charlie Chaplin film, he used this walking stick to carry his rifle, but he was also prone to falling off the horse.

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